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Dr. Tyler grew up in Birmingham, AL where he graduated from John Caroll and went on to Spring Hill College in Mobile, AL where he received his Bachelor's of Science Degree in Biopsychology. Dr. Tyler had always known at a young age that he wanted to be a doctor and to help others. As a teenager, he was exposed to Chiropractic and quickly became interested in the field. After attending Life Leadership, he found his calling and fell in love with the philosophy and science of Chiropractic.

On September 24, 2016, Dr. Tyler married his wife, Kristina after meeting as freshmen in high school, and dating long distance throughout college and his doctorate program. Together, they have 2 dogs.

Dr. Tyler loves lacrosse and rock climbing. In high school, he played lacrosse and even went on to coach some in college! He also enjoys cooking and trying new recipes from his favorite chefs!

In 2017, Dr. Tyler graduated from Life University and finally went back home to serve the greater Birmingham Community. Dr. Tyler had always dreamed of opening up a practice in Downtown Birmingham and after some time as an associate, he realized his dream and decided to open up Forge Chiropractic. Dr. Tyler fell in love with the Woodlawn Community through his wife, Kristina and knew that it would be the perfect place to open. Dr. Tyler is so excited to be in the city that he loves and to spread his love of chiropractic with others!




Kristina is born and raised a Birmingham native and went on to graduate Birmingham Southern College where she received her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. After college, Kristina found her calling in the world of Bridal and joined her family in the Woodlawn Community to be a 3rd generation business owner. In January of 2014, she opened Imperial Formal Wear.  If that name sounds familiar, it's because they're our neighbors! 

Kristina & Dr. Tyler met in high school at John Carroll their freshman year, became the best of friends, started dating in college, and got married September 24, 2016. Together they have 2 dogs.

Her love of Chiropractic began after suffering various injuries throughout her time as a cheerleader in high school and college. Constant migraines had put a strain on everyday tasks. After some recommendations, Kristina tried chiropractic care and realized how much it had changed her quality of life. 

When Dr. Tyler told Kristina that he wanted to be a chiropractor, she couldn't have been happier or prouder. Even though it meant 3.5 more years of a long distance relationship, she knew it would be worth it to see Dr. Tyler follow his dreams. Together we are so excited to bring Chiropractic care to the community!

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